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The Levizo Suite of products is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions and are configured to your business needs. Products are developed by industry leading experts in risk management, information security, best practices & standards that provide graphical business insights based on real time analysis of transactional data.

You can manage end-to-end process with ease, key functionalities include:

  • Easy to manage the risks & controls
  • Give you full visibility on risks, controls & adherence to policies
  • Insights through real-time dashboards, notifications & social feeds
  • Drive efficiency & transparency with automated processes
  • Improve your decision-making and regulatory compliance authority
  • Real-time reporting & dashboards to demonstrate compliance to senior management & auditors
  • Results are aggregated into real-time reports on interactive and customizable dashboards

All products are accessible from any device and are deployed in the cloud as a SaaS Solution.

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Information Risk Management (IRM) Module

This IRM module was created in response to the introduction of new requirements by governments and regulators and increased scrutiny on data privacy, security & compliance.

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This application will help organizations to complete different information risk management assessments to help identify, address and mitigate legal & regulatory risks related to information sharing.

Help organisations to avoid legal, financial and reputational consequences at the corporate and individual level.

This saves businesses time spent on risk management and provides real-time data analytics that can be audited.

Even with the latest monitoring technologies, managing information risk remains a challenge for businesses.

With our information risk module, organizations will be able to centralize, manage the risks and deliver better and faster business outcomes.

Key functionalities include:

  • Centralized & streamlined impact assessments reducing the time and effort to complete an end-to-end information risk management process
  • Controls & Remediation module
  • Perform assessments and record the results
  • Perform quality assurance on the respective assessments to enable high quality reports
  • Findings management & remediation plan
  • Trigger appropriate remedial action including Technical & IT remediation when the defined risk thresholds are met
  • Controls Assurance – Controls objective walkthrough template, Controls Scoping & Controls Management plan

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Module

In managing the level of risk from third-party relationships, such as vendor management, it is important to protect and secure your organisation from breaches and reputational risks. With this in mind, Levizo developed the TPRM Module to support the efficient and effective management of an organization’s third party programme.

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This product will help organization centralize their third-party information and automate the creation & distribution of third-party risk assessments, track and monitor their actions and produce real-time reporting.

Tailored workflows help organizations manage their end-to-end process efficiently, on-board with due diligence and built with automated system capability for risk assessments, emails and chase cycles to manage the entire third-party management.

Highly customizable versatile system to assess & manage end-to-end third-party risk for unlimited number of suppliers.

Key functionalities within the application include:

  • Risk Dashboards with real-time risk analytics & reporting
  • Full workflow with task assignment & management
  • Risk Based Approach to regulation and compliance
  • Interactive & customizable dashboards, notification & social feeds
  • Streamlined Assessments to reduce the time and effort required to complete an end-to-end third-party risk management process
  • Easy to manage artefacts & evidence receive from third party
  • Improved 3rd Party Risk transparency & visibility with frequent risk assessments
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